Kids’ parties are more entertaining than adult parties, with lots of colors, balloons, art, cartoon characters, clowns, and many other fun-filled crazy things. If you are planning to book a kid’s party for your little ones’ birthday bash, you can look for plenty of event planners near your area or browse them over the online platform. Since it’s a kid’s party, there are certain important things which you must not ignore. Let us know about them in detail in this article, since it is different from just reading stroller reviews


How to choose a kids party organizer 

The following are some tips to organize a kids party-

  1. Decide upon a theme– These days, people have started organizing theme based parties for their kids. Booking a theme party makes your planning easier than before. It will help you buy decorations, gifts, and games that you should have at your theme party. Supposedly your kid likes the Doraemon character, and you will buy decoratives based on this character only, the Doraemon characters, gifts, and many other items that match perfectly with the theme. 
  2. List down the important activities- Parties organized systematically always turn out to be the best and successful. Suitable time of the party, place where the party would be held, what all eatables will be put, how invitations will be made, i.e., a verbal invitation or written invitation to the guests will be done, several guests that will attend the party, for how long party will continue, are few of the specifics that should be addressed while planning a kids bash. 
  3. Prepare invitees– This is one of the most important aspects which need consideration. The invitation is the first point of contact through which your guests will know most of the things about the party to look attractive and alluring. If your party is theme-based, you can get the invitation cards based on the theme itself. As mentioned above, if it is a Doraemon theme, you can get an invitation according to that character only. Ensure that the invitation card contains every important detail about the event to help guests easily arrive at the party. More ideas can be found at Baby Journey.
  4. Plan a few fun games- Arranging games at the party will make the event more funny and entertaining. Other than this, you can also hold a contest based on the games. Who so ever wins the game is given a small gift. 
  5. Arrange for return gifts- To make your little guests happier, give them cute return gifts after the party gets over. The return gifts trend is an exciting way to make the guests happy in the end. You can decide upon the gifts based on the theme. 


The complete planning of the kid’s party characterizes these few important elements. Once you know what you have to do at a party, it becomes easy to arrange the party. You can ask the event planners to arrange these things for your party while you book the kids’ party for the special day. Few other things also you can add to the party.

Eliminating inappropriate behaviors in children is not an easy task, it requires a good dose of patience and another of perseverance. The key is to discipline lovingly and let them know exactly what is expected of them. In fact, there are certain behaviors that parents should not ignore and should be stopped as soon as possible. A very effective method of eliminating these behaviors is the sandwich technique.

What is the sandwich technique?

The sandwich technique can be applied with children over 5 years old and is very effective in the little rebels. Its main objective is to achieve a behavior change through constructive criticism, making children reflect on inappropriate behavior.

The method also encourages receptivity in children so that they can change other behaviors in the future, while strengthening children’s self-esteem and facilitating communication between parents and children. Through this technique, parents can also let their children know what they expect of them and teach them to be better people.

How is the sandwich technique applied?

The sandwich technique is very easy to apply since it consists of three main steps: the first consists of offering authentic feedback, praising a behavior, attitude or quality of the child, which is followed by the request for behavior change and, therefore, Finally, a positive message that motivates you to improve.

Then you can include the criticism: “ However, I have noticed that sometimes you don’t want to loan them your toys and that is not right. It would be good if you share your things with them, especially since they do it with you ” .

Finally, you must convey a positive message that motivates him to change his behavior and that leaves a good taste in his mouth after the criticism he has just received. In this case, you can comment: “ Lending toys to your friends makes you a kinder child and strengthens your friendship. Besides, it would make me very happy to see how they get along better every day ” .

At this point, you can ask him what he thinks about it or just let him reflect on what you have said.

When to apply this technique?

The sandwich technique can be applied in any circumstance, although ideally you should take the opportunity to talk to your child after having had the behavior you want to eliminate, so that they are fully aware of what they have done. However, if you notice that the little one is angry or overly euphoric, you better wait for him to calm down, otherwise he is likely to turn a deaf ear to criticism.

It is also important that you use the technique sparingly. If you use it frequently, you can create a negative precedent in the child, who can take praise as the prelude to criticism. In this case, the method would not only lose its effectiveness but it would be counterproductive, so that you could reduce the positive effect of praise, affect your child’s self-esteem and cause him to lose the trust he has placed in you.…

For a family to be happy, it needs all its members to be happy, starting with the father and / or mother. There is a way to find happiness in the family, even if there are days more stressful than others… This has to do with putting the children to bed early each day. Studies have shown that putting children to bed early is good for children’s health and development, but it is also good for the emotional health of parents.

Studies confirm it

Dr. Quach and his research colleagues at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute and the University of New England studied 3,600 children in Australia. The studies looked at the lifestyles and sleep patterns of the children (all were under the age of 9). And the results showed that the mothers and fathers of children who went to bed early had improved their mental and emotional health, much more than the fathers and mothers of children who went to bed after 8:30 p.m.

This is very valuable information for parents, as they should also know that children need a certain amount of sleep to develop properly. But even more important is the time when children go to bed, which should always be the same within a routine and thus, they will rest better than if they do it each day at a different time.

Sleep quality and obesity

Tim Olds, a researcher at the University of South Australia, studied the effects of sleep patterns and weight in 2,200 children. These children were between the ages of 9 and 16. The study suggested that children and adolescents who went to bed early had lower BMIs than children who went to bed later. Therefore, bedtime may be influencing children’s BMI.

Also, Tim Olds stated that children who sleep later are more likely to gain weight and even be obese in the future. They will have a poorer diet, spend more time in front of the screen, and do less physical activity than children who go to bed earlier from a young age.

Although not necessarily all children who go to bed later will be obese, there may be a correlation. Although this is a good reason for children to have a stable schedule for going to bed each day. And if this is not enough for you, then think about their development and your happiness, which are closely linked with the time when children go to bed.

More time for parents, better quality of family life

Families are always very busy and parents sometimes have to work late either outside or inside the home. This can reduce time with your partner and for yourself (so necessary for family happiness). Sometimes parents prefer to spend time with their children at the last minute and this causes children to go to bed later. This is not the solution. Parents should not alter their children’s routines at night, in any case, try to spend more time during the day or morning. It is worth it for you and for them.

In addition, at night you will enjoy some advantages:

  • More time to spend as a couple
  • More time to finish pending tasks with peace of mind
  • Rest (your children will also rest more and better)
  • Enjoy daily routines
  • Enjoy the silence and tranquility

Start working on your sleep routines today. It doesn’t matter how old your children are (whether they are young children or teenagers). You all need it.…