The Sandwich technique to eliminate inappropriate behaviors in children

Eliminating inappropriate behaviors in children is not an easy task, it requires a good dose of patience and another of perseverance. The key is to discipline lovingly and let them know exactly what is expected of them. In fact, there are certain behaviors that parents should not ignore and should be stopped as soon as possible. A very effective method of eliminating these behaviors is the sandwich technique.

What is the sandwich technique?

The sandwich technique can be applied with children over 5 years old and is very effective in the little rebels. Its main objective is to achieve a behavior change through constructive criticism, making children reflect on inappropriate behavior.

The method also encourages receptivity in children so that they can change other behaviors in the future, while strengthening children’s self-esteem and facilitating communication between parents and children. Through this technique, parents can also let their children know what they expect of them and teach them to be better people.

How is the sandwich technique applied?

The sandwich technique is very easy to apply since it consists of three main steps: the first consists of offering authentic feedback, praising a behavior, attitude or quality of the child, which is followed by the request for behavior change and, therefore, Finally, a positive message that motivates you to improve.

Then you can include the criticism: “ However, I have noticed that sometimes you don’t want to loan them your toys and that is not right. It would be good if you share your things with them, especially since they do it with you ” .

Finally, you must convey a positive message that motivates him to change his behavior and that leaves a good taste in his mouth after the criticism he has just received. In this case, you can comment: “ Lending toys to your friends makes you a kinder child and strengthens your friendship. Besides, it would make me very happy to see how they get along better every day ” .

At this point, you can ask him what he thinks about it or just let him reflect on what you have said.

When to apply this technique?

The sandwich technique can be applied in any circumstance, although ideally you should take the opportunity to talk to your child after having had the behavior you want to eliminate, so that they are fully aware of what they have done. However, if you notice that the little one is angry or overly euphoric, you better wait for him to calm down, otherwise he is likely to turn a deaf ear to criticism.

It is also important that you use the technique sparingly. If you use it frequently, you can create a negative precedent in the child, who can take praise as the prelude to criticism. In this case, the method would not only lose its effectiveness but it would be counterproductive, so that you could reduce the positive effect of praise, affect your child’s self-esteem and cause him to lose the trust he has placed in you.